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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Inner Quest

Inner Quest Selections

Why we suffer

No one is exempt from misfortune and personal tragedy. Some breadwinners may lose their jobs through no fault of their own and suddenly find themselves impoverished and unable to cope. Some might contract a debilitating terminal disease that could easily wipe out their entire fortune before merciful death finally takes them away. Some may fall victim to injustice, violence or rape that scars them for life. Whatever, times like these are sometimes the only time that we remember God and turn to Him for help.

But often, God can be slow in answering. Usually, we pray and ask for His intervention first. When help doesn’t come at once, we immediately begin to grumble and complain as if He owed us. Some time later, we argue and get mad. We even curse God for letting us suffer. We keep insisting on what we want. We forget to consider what God wants. God always speaks to us. But we fail to hear Him and understand because we refuse to listen.

We are spirits; we are not the body. Spirit or consciousness makes use of bodies only as vehicles for learning lessons here on Earth. In God’s view, the raising of consciousness is well-worth all the pain and suffering that the body may undergo. After all, in like manner that a student takes off his school uniform when he gets home, we just discard the body after it has served its purpose. But spirit lives on, the better for the lessons.

In life after life after life (reincarnation), we evolve through our personal experiences here, and in other planes of being, as well. Good experiences teach us. So called bad experiences, like the ones mentioned in the beginning, afford us more learning and especially teach us the hard lessons. Good and bad, together, provide the basis for a comparison and correct determination of what is right or wrong, better or worse. It is simply that we should emulate all the good examples and turn from all that are bad. Still, the knowledge can be given, but enlightenment needs to be earned.

The Lord clearly tells us the Way. "Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Love your brothers as yourself. Serve them. Don’t judge them. Forgive them. Do to them as you want them to do to you." Only do it to them first without expecting that they do it to you, also.

Now, let’s be honest. For the most part, we ignored his counsel and failed to do our duty toward God. No wonder we suffer and don’t understand the reasons why. But we can understand even the mysteries. Jesus promises, "If we adhere to his teachings, then we will be his disciples, indeed. And we will know the Truth and the Truth will make us free."

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Inner Quest Selections

Inner Quest Selections

Understanding Psychic Phenomena

With the dawning of a New Age of Enlightenment, everyday, a wealth of new information continues to filter in to the world. All the mysteries are unfolding in our midst. Many things previously unknown, even feared, can now be known and understood.

Today, we are learning that psychic phenomena are perfectly natural occurrences. We learn that psychic properties are inherent although latent in everyone. While the five senses derive from the normal functioning of our physical sense organs, psychic perception and psychic abilities relate directly to our inner, spiritual faculties. We need not be afraid of these phenomena; instead, we merely need to understand more. And we should also realize that if we so desire, these faculties are capable of further development.

The more spiritual aspects of psychic phenomena may not as yet be acceptable to many of our scientists since their studies are confined almost exclusively to the realm of physical things. However, without being too scientific, let us consider a few of the principles or theories, if you prefer, now given to explain them.

We are what we think we are. It is possible so long as we think that it is possible. In fact, all matter and all things have come into being only as a consequence of thought. "Thought is the builder," according to Edgar Cayce.

Thought creates. Really, whatever name you may wish to call it, consciousness, intelligence or thought reigns supreme. And the application of this principle on matter is what we now term as psychokinesis or PK.

And, precisely, this is the same principle that Christ employed when he was yet with us. He transformed plain water into excellent wine. He multiplied a few loaves of bread and fish to feed thousands. He commanded the forces of nature and they acceded to his commands, even storms and such. All these he was able to do by simply availing of this creative force. As it relates to diverse forms of these phenomena, the mechanics may vary but the same basic principles apply.

Psychic senses operate in much the same manner as radio and television. A sound, a picture, a thought and even a feeling or an emotion can be captured or encoded in a particular impulse, signal or vibration and transmitted abroad. And these sounds and pictures can then be received or the signals decoded by an appropriate instrument. However, until now, psychic vibrations are still well over the range of our most sensitive receivers. But those humans who are able to detect these higher vibrations are those whom we now know as psychics, mediums and clairvoyants.

Christ, just as the prophets before him, demonstrated these very same faculties. He knew before they actually happened that Judas would betray him and that Peter would deny him. Moreover, his display of unerring knowledge with respect to certain other persons like Philip and Zacchaeus are similar proofs of his clairvoyant faculties.

In the area of healing, when Christ laid his hands on the sick, he charged them with his own recreative energy, which is simply something like recharging a depleted or dead car battery.

We should also realize that all matter is not really "solid" but, instead, is merely a conjoining of many separate and individual molecules and atoms. We know from science that when the rate of vibration of matter changes, then the state of that matter changes as well, be it from solid to liquid or to gas. And when this happens, the properties of such matter change drastically. We need only to consider the differences in the properties of ice, water and steam to demonstrate this fact, because all of these three are the same substance except that they are in different states.

In the case of psychic surgery, a significant increase in psychic energy tending to increase the rate of vibration of tissue cells has been noted during psychic operations. And then as if by magic, suddenly, the cells can easily be parted, and many things that could not have been done are then made possible, in like manner that ice can be parted much more easily after it has melted into water.

And what about those near death experiences or out-of-body-experiences where some have had the enviable opportunity to visit Higher or Lower Worlds and return to their bodies with their memories intact? Many consider the accounts of these journeys mere dreams and hallucinations. But those who have undergone the profound experience have, in almost all cases, turned their lives around. Precisely, such experiences provide us with necessary insights and proofs of the Greater World that is to come. And they are given to us so that we may better prepare for the life that will follow this life because, make no mistake, life after death is certain and there, we can only receive that which we justly deserve.

In closing, it is time we all realized that this Earth is a World of Illusion. It is fantasy and make believe. It is transient and impermanent. But the invisible world is the real world. And when we die and leave our bodies, after all the trials and tribulations, we will enter into the Reality where the unspeakable beauty and the eternal gloriousness of the Heaven Life wait for us all.


Speaking In Tongues

In relation to the Balitang K episode on Speaking in Tongues aired last February 26, please allow us to contribute our thoughts in the hope that they will help increase your understanding of this phenomenon.

In teaching or raising consciousness, first we need to call attention before the student will listen to our message. Thoroughly engrossed in the affairs of this world, we find little interest in matters relating to the World to Come except when we are jolted to attention by some accompanying signs and wonders.

Much later on, when we are able to accept the reality of the Unseen World and our curiosity regarding these phenomena has been satisfactorily assuaged, then we are able to arrive at the next forward step. Our fascination over, we begin to question and seek to understand what all the fuss is about.

The end purpose being to communicate between worlds, the utterances through mediums will become more intelligible, even if garbled and unreliable in the early stages. This is pretty much what happened during the development phases of the telegraph, telephone, radio and TV. Everything new and undeveloped will undergo further improvements.

To convince skeptics initially, the psychic or medium performs only during deep trance, receiving and delivering messages given to him word for word, in a voice not his own, secretly and privately, under cover of darkness. Upon returning to consciousness, he remembers nothing of what transpired. Usually, the communications go far beyond the extent of his personal knowledge and experience.

As acceptance grows, further proofs become unnecessary and the medium is allowed to receive and relay information consciously, interpreting pictures and thoughts during daytime and in public. He can also recall everything that happened. Finally in the advanced forms of mediumship, the medium’s eyes can be open and his body will exhibit no extra physical exertions or rigidity. Telepathy most closely approximates normal, unimpeded
communication here on Earth.

As language improves and ideas are more effectively concretized, the messages become more meaningful, rational and better suited to the target audience, according to the audience’s capacity to comprehend. At this advanced stage, the rules that apply in our evaluating information coming from any and all sources, whether from an authorized source or unauthorized, confirmed or unconfirmed, should at all times be observed fully.

Now going back to speaking in tongues. The purpose is to communicate not with God as opined by Mr. Eddie Villanueva, but with each of us in our own language, one we can readily understand and relate to.

In Jerusalem, on the Day of Pentecost, there were present many devout and godly men from foreign lands who spoke different languages (Acts, Chapter 2). To reach and convince them that the Apostles are divinely inspired, the Holy Spirit (Spirits of Truth) communicated through the disciples turned instruments of the Lord (mediums) and spoke directly to the godly men in their own languages. It was primarily because of their wonderment and awe that they were converted to the new faith.

Today, mainly due to ignorance of its purpose, many mindlessly mimic what happened to the disciples during Pentecost by mouthing gibberish thinking the act to be spiritual, and themselves, holy instruments, when in fact, without a listener understanding what is said, the practice becomes a useless and self-deluding activity, and questionable at that. Still, this is allowed because it is generally harmless and, in its own small way, contributes toward proving the existence of the Spirit World, bringing the unenlightened a little closer to God. However, the higher forms of communication and mediumship are rather to be preferred.

Our only purpose in writing to you is to let you know that the deeper explanations to all supernatural phenomena are now being made available to those who are open to them. However, we lay no special claim to divine revelation, this being equally available to everyone. INNER QUEST is just one source, one link in a chain, one small voice among many that are helping to bring about the coming of the Age of Enlightenment.

If we can help to further your understanding of the New Teachings, please just call us and let us know.

Sex and Spirituality

In your straight-forward, no nonsense and very revealing dissertations concerning subjects regarded as taboo and previously only talked about in whispers, you have single-handedly managed to raise the level of consciousness of your readers a few grades higher. Brimming with your usual characteristic enthusiasm, sincerely from your heart and as inoffensively as you are able to word it, you present your views clearly and well. You are, in your chosen field, a light to the people. Don’t stop. Do continue.

In your column, ‘Of sex and meaningful relationships’ (February 19), you asked to be clarified regarding sexuality and spirituality. Allow me to contribute my two cents worth.

Drawing from the old and new teachings being made available to us in these end times preparatory to the advent of the new millenium, we will find that sex and sexual urges, strong or weak, are natural to humans in our present stage of development.

In fact, Hinduism and Buddhism, by extension, teach that one of our chief goals is the enjoyment of life’s pleasures, including the sexual kind. Many Muslims and Christians, however, thinking them sinful, choose to repress these natural urges. And unfortunately, this repression invariably results in some personal disharmony and discord, and even in them committing rape or some other physical, sexual abuse. Therefore, provided that certain rules of proper conduct are observed, it would be more practical and to our best advantage if we could just let things run their normal course until we are able to attain to the full satiation of these desires.

The division into sexes was not always so. Previously we were self-contained and androgynous entities, complete in ourselves, needing no one. As such, we were thoroughly selfish, pridefully independent, self-reliant and apathetic to each other. In segregating us spirit beings into male and female, gay and lesbian, God enabled each of us to experience the need for another human being. And in being compelled to interact with one another socially and, just as importantly, for the purpose of procreation, we are able to ease our initial selfishness and move progressively toward loving our neighbors and attaining at-one-ment with all of creation. At the same time, we are afforded the opportunities to develop our male and female attributes more effectively. As an incentive and reward, God gives us the added experience of sexual pleasure.

At that time during the Atlantean Age, being naturally curious, we experimented with ourselves and with various animals, which matings resulted in the so-called monstrosities — sphinxes, mermaids, centaurs and hideous creatures with horns, tails and other appendages, which became the stuff of legends. All these are discussed in greater detail in the Edgar Cayce life readings and the esoteric studies conducted by the Theosophical Society to which groups this knowledge was entrusted for dissemination to the rest of the world.

Even at the present time, we are still in the process of discovery and pleasure seeking. This, in itself, is not at all sinful or excessive. In our journey to perfection and Godliness through countless incarnations, we are transformed from being materialistic and Earthly to becoming more spiritual, very gradually. In time, like children tiring of their newly-bought toys after having derived all the satisfaction they can get out of them, we will automatically prefer to pursue the more spiritual aspects of our being.

In the meantime, while we have the urges, these must all be satisfied if we are to maintain our equilibrium and sanity. If we are thirsty, we must drink. If hungry, we must eat. First things must be attended to first.

I agree with Pastor Raymond A. Cuthbert that the safest, most convenient and most uncomplicated method of satisfying sexual urges and getting them out of the way, so to speak, is for one to masturbate. The practice hurts no one but oneself, if at all, and it is not
necessary for us to abuse a partner merely to gratify our own selfish desires.

To those who have the greater need, prostitutes provide much needed relief and who therefore deserve to be fully compensated for their service, whether or not they also enjoy their work. It is a fair exchange. They should also be left free to dispense their favors and not be continually hounded and harassed by the authorities or preyed upon by slavers and other predators. And yes, they too should be respected and even thanked, because by providing a means of release to those in need, horny men and women are given an alternative recourse and they become less inclined to commit crimes of passion.

Other important considerations, however, must also be taken into account and may even take precedence depending on the situation — the possibility of siring unwanted children or resorting to abortion, the risk of marriages failing, estrangement from close family and friends, contracting venereal diseases and AIDS, condemnation and persecution by the intolerant and prejudiced — the self-righteous, the prudes and the hypocrites, included.

We are also to observe one final deciding rule in determining if our action is right or wrong, regardless of whether we are straight (heterosexual) or otherwise. We are to do unto others what we want others to do unto us. If we want pleasure, we should give pleasure. In fact, we should give more than we receive. We should never impose on others against their will. We should respect our sexual partners and love them as we love ourselves. And as recommended by Pastor Cuthbert, the more heartfelt feelings we can bring to the relationship, the more satisfying it can be.

If we can persistently follow this Golden Rule, we will always be on the right track, spiritually, and we will be able to move forward in our development inspite of the natural weaknesses and failings of our flesh. Then, all will be well and all will end well.

Letter to MH

Science and The Esoteric Teachings

A World of Difference

All throughout the world today, many people insist that religion has not kept in step with modern scientific advances. This feeling is not without some basis in fact. Much of the exoteric religious dogmas and teachings, having been formulated, as they were, during those early days before mankind was able to emerge out of its dark days of ignorance into the Age of Reason, were intended mainly for the masses of people who, during those ancient times, could only understand the very simplest explanations and concepts.

Then, electricity had not yet been discovered; there were no telephones, no radios and no television sets; and at night, people had to light up a torch or keep an open fire. There were no automobiles; most people walked while the more affluent rode on the backs of animals. There were no trains or buses, airplanes or spaceships. Water couldn’t be had by turning a faucet. There was probably a 99% illiteracy rate — reading and writing accessible only to the members of the nobility and the monastic scholars. People believed that the world was flat, that the Sun was God and that the Earth was the center of the Universe. What need was there of providing deeper explanations to people who did not have the capacity to understand.

Today, however, much has changed. And man has come a long way forward. It is only now that the Occult Sciences may be appreciated and understood. The true and deeper explanations to the mysteries of life have always been awaiting discovery by those who seek for them. But first, every seeker must have to understand and transcend the great differences between the science revered by the materialists of this world and the Esoteric Teachings.

While the material sciences by their definition is confined and limited to the purely physical or the material aspects of life, the Occult or the Esoteric Teachings which are little known and much less understood encompasses far more. Science, as a general rule, accepts only what the five senses can perceive and those that can be perceived by its puny scientific instruments. All things must be capable of measurement and physical verification before they can be accepted as a fact worthy of consideration.

However, there is so much more to life than what we can see, hear, touch, taste and feel. But then, since science cannot pin these down and stick them in a test tube, these must, for the moment, to science, at least, remain non-existent. We must accept that the physical laws are in full force and effect everywhere in this physical Universe, but, in addition to these laws, there are higher, spiritual laws that also apply and, in fact, take precedence. But the men of science are not aware of nor do they recognize these higher principles, so therefore, their knowledge remains, at best, partial and incomplete. It is mainly for these reasons that their findings and conclusions leave much to be desired.

The student of the Occult Sciences is open to realities apart from the physical and the material. Certain of them are capable of increased perceptions. Through the development of their inner faculties, they are able to apperceive vibrations which are beyond the range of our physical senses and even of the most sensitive scientific instruments. Where the scientist can only surmise, speculate, deduce or infer, the highly proficient occultist, due to this increased awareness, claims to have the unique advantage of actual perception of the fact. And this knowledge is what he declares to all the world. The Esoteric Teachings embody all such declarations. Even as it is explained that all this knowledge can be drawn from an Akashic Record or that such can be available to everyone through the expansion of his own consciousness and the development of his spiritual faculties, the men of science are more inclined to disagree and deny the existence and possibility of the same.

Human development proceeds from the material to the spiritual. Before one can become open to the latter, one must first be sufficiently conversant with the principles governing physical existence. Such person will have undergone all the necessary experiences that will demonstrate for him the validity of the physical laws. And while he may not have encountered these experiences in his present incarnation, he maintains that he is fully cognizant of the operation of such laws owing to his having undergone all the requisite experiences in his previous lives. But such a preposterous doctrine as reincarnation is, likewise, not acceptable to materialistic, scientific minds. Still, it is strongly hinted that the spiritual person is far more experienced, more highly evolved. And therefore, while the materialists on the lower scale of evolution have yet to undergo their own very necessary experiences in order to obtain the proofs they require, the more spiritually-inclined student of the Occult finds it easier to accept Occult principles without the need for further and more elaborate proofs. To one who is ready, no proof is needed while to one who is not, no proof will suffice.

Almost exclusively through the development of the intellect, science can be mastered. But the higher levels of learning are reserved only for those who have earned the right to have access to them and who have proven that their possession of such will not bring harm, as much to themselves as to others. The mastery of the Occult Sciences, therefore, can only come to one through the development of his spirituality. This is simply one of those things Christ alluded to when he said, "Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all things will be added unto you." And so it is that the principal exponents of the Esoteric Teachings are the prophets, the saints, the seers and sages.

Nevertheless, even the original proponents of Esoteric Teachings are themselves, subject to pitfalls and errors. Their comprehension is limited to the stage of development to which they have arrived. They understand much more than others, but they don’t understand everything completely. And not everything they believe to be true is, in fact, true. They are aware of far greater realities than most of the people in this world, but not all. Clearly, they, too, have their own limitations. No one is perfect but God.

We must, at all times, exercise prudence and caution. We must be aware of the limitations and strengths of these two divergent approaches to the attainment of knowledge. All the allegations and propositions of both camps must have to be analyzed, thoroughly, and put to the test of reason and personal experience. However, both are necessary. Both should complement each other. Both should work together for the common good. Only as we realize these truths can we make substantive advances in our own development.

Published by the Philippine Theosophist

Reincarnation Is A Biblical Teaching

Many are objecting to the teaching on Reincarnation simply because they believe it is not in the Bible — We beg to disagree. In fact, this important teaching can be deduced or inferred from certain passages that have been largely ignored by those who are unable to satisfactorily explain the references. To further clarify, we would like to quote the following excerpt from ‘The New Age Movement’ an INNER QUEST study course, which, itself, was based in part on Catholic writings tracing the evolution of the catechetical teachings of the Catholic Church.

"In 325, Emperor Constantine after being converted to the Faith called the first ecumenical council at Nicaea to settle questions of doctrine. This resulted in the adoption of the Nicene Creed, which later became the basis of all church doctrine from that day forward.

"It was here or, perhaps, in subsequent councils according to other authors that certain books were selected for inclusion in the "Authorized" Bible while others were banned and discredited.  It was here, also, that the teachings on Reincarnation and Karma were disauthorized. All references to such principles were then expunged from the sacred books and these teachings were henceforth suppressed and regarded as heretic.

"However, in the Bible itself even now, there are still veiled allusions to the Doctrine of Reincarnation which have survived the rewriting of the Scriptures. These can be seen in the references to Elijah returning in the flesh as John the Baptist and to Jesus, himself, before he became Jesus. In addition, there are the comments of Jesus’ disciples regarding the reasons why a man came to be born blind. And Karma is only the sowing and reaping mentioned by St. Paul. There are other passages which are just as elucidating to the earnest seeker.

"What Jesus himself taught, his so-called followers just a few hundred years after his death denied. Deciding that they know better than their Lord, the church leaders voted to drop reincarnation and karma from the catechetical teachings. However, the Truth will not be denied for long.

"More recently, these teachings have been reinstituted into Scripture through their inclusion in the Aquarian Gospel by Levi. Moreover, the Edgar Cayce files are replete with illustrative life readings. Arthur Ford contributes some interesting insights relating to prominent personalities who have only recently departed. Lobsang Rampa, the Lama, ably provides the rationale behind these principles. For the scientific-minded, Dr. Ian Stevenson through his 2,000 researched cases, Dr. Helen Wambach through her experiments in hypnotic regressions and many others have presented their own evidences in support of reincarnation. The books are in our stores."

We are hoping that this brief explanation will at least encourage you to conduct a more serious search for additional information and deeper truths. There is a promise in the Holy Bible: "Those who seek will find."